Sunday, December 31, 2006

happy new year, you're my only vice

I'm heading to MB's tonight for a little NYE get-together of uncertain proportions. I made tiramisu and some baguette-based appetizers, along with a salad. I even managed to emulsify my dressing properly, so no oil separation. I am a food nerd. Oh, and of course Cava and Chambord for cocktails.

There is talk (well, just between MB and myself) of heading to the Liberty Pole to join in the absurd-yet-true Rochester Kazoo Massive organized by our mayor. In all reality I think I'll be more inclined to head out to the bars as the evening progresses, but we shall see.

My outfit this year is best described as "A Georgian Gentleman in King Louis XVI's Disco." I'll post photos on my Flickr.

Anyway, I really just popped in to say "Happy New Year!" Here's hoping that 2007 is a little more impressive than 2006 was...

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