Sunday, January 14, 2007

every day is like sunday

I'm headed to brunch this morning. I am determined to wrest brunch from the prevailing image of post-church seniors at Denny's and restore its cosmopolitan sheen. Towards this effort, MB has suggested First Taste on Park Avenue. I had initially suggested Charlie's Frog Pond, but he relayed some rather unsavory gossip about the sanitation of their kitchen so that idea was eagerly nixed. Brunch on a Sunday, by the way, is delightful. It doesn't require waking up too early, but nevertheless you're out and about before noon, sipping coffee or mimosas while languidly gossiping with friends. Or, if flying solo, reading the Sunday paper at a corner table and people-watching. Delicious! Following, the starchy lethargy can be walked off with some window shopping or house-envying (my favorite East End past time).


Jed said...

I did a solo brunch yesterday. Unfortunately, I couldn't 1) decide where I wanted to go and 2) find a parking spot once I did, until TWO. So forget an early start on the day.

I did manage to make some solid progress on Inheritance of Loss over a frittata and coffee.

C. said...

How are you finding TIOL? Booker Prize winners are usually a hit with me.

Jed said...

I liked it a lot, didn't love it. It had some very strong points. That is, sometimes I'd find myself saying "a-ha!" about some aspect of the Indian/Nepali border experience, or class relations, or the nature of loss, blah blah blah because the book would put it in a way just a little different from how I had thought of it before.

I never got terribly caught up in it though.

Just started American Pastoral by Philip Roth (pullitzer prize), which I'm thinking very highly of so far.

C. said...

I've only read The Plot Against America by Roth, but I loved it. Let me know what you think of American Pastoral.