Sunday, December 17, 2006


I have caught some sort of cold twice in my 3 months at this job. I never used to get sick this often... usually one relatively obnoxious illness each year (flu, tonsillitis, etc) but never a cold every month. Today's special is a head cold combined with a dodgy tummy... not so much that I am throwing up as the thought of most foods turns my stomach. I will accomplish the most essential of my chores (laundry, cleaning) and spend the remainder of my Sunday either pawing through some magazines or reading more of The Historian (I can't decide how I feel about this book. It's addictive but not particularly compelling, if I may make the distinction. That is to say, while I am reading it I find myself rapidly turning the pages, but once I put it down I have little desire to pick it up again).

I ran into MB at Barnes & Noble yesterday. It's uncanny how MB and I are forever and always simply 'running into each other'. Anyway, we had a wonderfully long discussion in the used book section and decided that we should make New Year's Eve plans. I am usually a little fan of NYE, but I know that doing something with MB & Co. will be decidedly chill and civilized.

Winter has apparently been placed on hiatus by some benevolent deity. 40F+ for the foreseeable meteorological future, as it has been for a little over a week now. Considering that we generally have a 'White Thanksgiving,' the possibility of not having a 'White Christmas' is very strange. In fact, according to the weather map, it's colder in LA than it is here. In Rochester. Unsettling. That said, I have never, never looked a mild winter in the mouth. I am more than happy to not have to trudge through shin-deep snow every day on my way to work, thankyouverymuch.

It's nearly noon, so I suppose I should start my day. Hopefully this is just a passing bug and not a harbinger of some full-blown illness.

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