Tuesday, July 11, 2006

oh crumbs, oh carrots!

I should have stayed far, far away from my computer today.

I was bored this afternoon and started uninstalling unused programs, only to uninstall my wireless receiver. "What's this 'lsyswa28'?," I thought. "Surely I don't need that..." and POOF! No internet. The CD to reinstall the drivers was, of course, in one of the many boxes (I knew not which) scattered among my room, the basement, and the garage.

I finally put everything back together only to fiddle around with the settings here and DELETE THE ENTIRE BLOG, as you might have noticed.

*palm meets forehead*

So folks, how's that for a fresh start? I suppose, on the one hand, it was only 7 or so months of entries... but still. Does anyone know of an archiving program for Blogger that backs up entries on your hard drive? I also had to restore all my custom template settings, which took forever, but it did result in an update of my links list, so there you go.

Well, since I've quite thoroughly wiped my slate clean, here's the news I had alluded to in my previous (now non-existant) post:

I'm going back to grad school.

Or, at least, I'm planning on it. Would I that it were so easy! There is always that little hurdle of actually being accepted... Doubly so when the schools I'm applying to are Cornell and Columbia. Why those two? Simply because they are the only schools in the area with a Master's program in Historic Preservation. Cornell is my top choice, Columbia a close second (if I can afford it).

So hey, on the bright side I have finally (after about a decade of consideration) figured out what I want to do with my life. And even though I won't graduate until I'm almost 29, I'm excited to go back. In the meantime (as I have another year before my theoretical matriculation) the plan is to find a job here in Rock City and hoard money. DC will have to wait a few years, but I'm still planning on making the move once I'm properly equipped with my shiny new degree.

In September, after the semester is underway, I'll zip down to Cornell for a visit with admissions and a few faculty members. Until then there's not a whole lot I can do; I've e-mailed my former professors for recommendations, but they don't seem to be answering their school e-mail (and I doubt they will for another month at least). I also have to take the stupid GREs, as I managed to avoid them the last time around.

We shall see. Provided I don't accidentally delete this journal again, I'll keep you all updated as things progress.


M Beran said...

I read this via my LJ, and I still have all your old posts for some reason. They still show up in my friends page. If you want me to, I can e-mail them all to you. Just let me know. I'll probably be bored at work today.

M Beran said...

Or hell, you can go to my friends page and copy them yourself. Didn't think of that until after I posted my first comment.

Ham said...

Not aware of anything for backing up blogger, but if you use w.bloggar you can create your posts off line, save them and post/resurrect later (it's actually pretty cool in lots of other ways, too)

C. said...

Beran - yeah the syndcation feed still has snippets of old entries, but I hoenstly can't be bothered. Thanks anymoo!

Ham - thanks for the tip! Might do that from now on, just in case I flake out again. Love the LDP blog, btw, makes me miss the Smoke something terrible!