Saturday, July 29, 2006

left running you said you were flying

I'm back on Last.FM. My page is here, but give it a little time to accurately reflect my recent listening habits. Do feel free to add, by the way. I quite like their new 'scrobbling' tool. Incidentally, I like the term 'scrobbling' even less than the word 'blogging.' So there.

So.Hot. I feel up to very little today, although I wandered around town a bit this morning before it got too muggy. I'm considering starting a photoblog over at Vox, where I was bestowed an account just for being curious. I have a pair of invites, too, so if anyone is interested let me know. Realistically, though, the chances of me bothering with another blog are pretty slim, even in my current state of general boredom.

It's my own fault, though... I've been laying low lately. Mostly because of the heat, partly because of my dwindling funds, and slightly because I've been feeling strange. I have the feeling that I should be 'Figuring Things Out', although I haven't the slightest idea of what those things are. I'll reemerge once I have a job and it's not so damn hot out. As usual, I can't wait for autumn. My knee-high dark brown leather heeled boots are looking at me longingly from within my closet.

Oh, and pilates totally kicked my ass (and back, and abs) yesterday. It was really more like PiYo, actually. I can't wait to go back, but that's certainly not happening today.

Ok, cherry FreezPops beckon.


Lone said...

I'll take an invite, if you've got a spare.

C. said...

Sure, just let me know your e-mail address.

Lone said...