Monday, July 24, 2006

jens lekman is love

Yes, he is.

Oh, and the show was beautiful. I am thisclose to running away to Gothenburg. No abductions this time, although I hereby give an official huge props to the sizeable and enthusiastic Rochesterian crowd. Clapping and singing along! Well done!

Those of you on either end, I hope you caught or will catch him.

You can find photos of the show at my flickr.

Do note, by the way, that he is possibly the tallest Swedish person I have ever met. I was wearing 3-inch heels, placing me in at a solid 5'11", and he still towers over me by nearly a head. Knowing my MO, I should be in love (hur hur).

Oh you're so darling, Jens.

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Chris said...

I <3 Black Cab