Thursday, July 13, 2006

i feel like going home but at the same time i don't

Unemployment is nowhere near as recuperative and relaxing as I'd thought. In reality I'm just bored, fidgety, and stressed about finding work.

In other news:
*The Family Circus is infuriating. Why is this in the paper? It seriously compels me to do harm.
*It's so nice to be allowed to turn right on red.
*When did they stop making tan M&Ms? Has it been that long since I've had them?
*Jens is coming to town a week from Sunday. I am positively giddy.
*My current Wiki Triumvirate: MuppetWiki, LostWiki, RocWiki. MuppetWiki being the obvious Caesar, if only for this picture of Cookie Monster using an Ernie disguise to steal cookies:


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