Monday, April 02, 2007

those were our times, those were our times

First, I'd like to add two more albums to my current obsessions list from the last entry: Beruit - The Gulag Orkestar, and Islands - Return to the Sea. So very, very good.

There was a lot to this weekend that I'm not sure I'm in the mood to detail, but it was a great deal of fun. After rocking out of work at 11 on Friday, I packed a bit while waiting for C to arrive from Syracuse, as he was nice enough to drive up and meet me for lunch. We stepped out for some noodles and bubble tea at KC Tea & Noodles and a brief visit to the record store. I had to run some errands after lunch, but en route noticed my check engine light came on, so I had to make a mad dash to drop off my car at the garage and shower, pack, etc before MB came to pick me up. Thankfully he was running late, and didn't make it to my house until a little after 6.

The drive down was excellent and, since we were going to end up arriving well before the NYC group, we stopped in Ithaca for some dinner and a brief meander. After being briefly lost, in the pitch darkness and without cell phone reception, outside of Pitcher, NY, we found the cabin and settled in. The New Yorkers arrived around 1 or 2, I think, as they'd been stuck in traffic. We chatted for a while, sipping Saranac and making introductions, and then crashed quite happily after the long drive.

Saturday involved brunch at a local diner, a wonderful hike around host JK's family's property, then some reading in the sunlight and a fantastic dinner. We drank quite a bit in the evening (or at least I did!) and trekked to a settler graveyard in the woods a little after midnight.

There will be Flickr links soon, once everyone shares their photos from the trip.

It was a weekend that was simultaneously taxing and restorative. I did have a lot of time to gather my thoughts, though, and try to work out what I really want. I think I do need to move, but I'm not so sure it's going to matter where. Not New York, but possibly LA again? Or DC? Oh I don't know. I really do not relish the idea of starting this process again, but it must be done. I can't let myself wallow in complacency.

I'm feeling pretty lost right now, actually. Or maybe I'm just hungry. Drinking too much tends to leave me feeling a little melancholy the following day or two. This weekend I am not moving a muscle until my resume is spit polished and fit to be seen.

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