Monday, April 09, 2007

you can scoop out my brain, shape it into an ear, and then tell me your pain

Dear Rochester,
It is April now. Please stop snowing.
Kind regards,

Ah, I had fun this weekend. Although, perhaps, a little too much fun!

I met L, H, and D at M (and her boyfriend B)'s apartment. We drank a small bit of wine and watched the end of Mean Girls on TV. An outing to Salinger's followed, where I ordered a Three Olives grape and soda and received... a pint of it. Soooo needless to say (after about 1/3 pint of vodka) I was drunk. Not wasted, but definitely drunk enough to do the Safety Dance with M:

We left before closing, so I came home and fell asleep after a lengthy phone call. There are a few more photos at my Flickr.

Easter was, as expected, a little rough. Not as rough as last Sunday, but last Sunday I did not have to be awake at 8 to prepare scalloped potatoes. I was a trooper all the way through dinner, but by the time I finished dessert I was about to pass out from sheer exhaustion. My brother was kind enough to drop me off on his way home. I climbed into bed and put on a DVD, but I only lasted until 6pm, I think, which means I slept for 12 hours last night. 12 hours!! I felt much better for it this morning, which is not usually the case after sleeping for so long.

45 days until LA. I can't wait. :)

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