Saturday, July 21, 2007

no method in our madness, just pride about our manner

Where the hey is everyone? Are you all holed up reading Harry Potter or something? Not a peep out of anyone this weekend, spare a drunken voicemail message from K (via Northern J) telling me I must go with them to Japan. I think I'll phone her tomorrow and ask her to elaborate.

It's kind of a timely suggestion, actually, as I've taken up making Bento. I even bought myself a rice cooker and have finally, finally learned how to make my own sushi after 10 years of saying I would. Definitely better late than never! I also managed to find an adult Bento Box (namely one that doesn't feature an over-the-top adorable anime cat dressed up as a watermelon or similar).

This morning (waiting for my pre-ordered HP to arrive in the mail... I know, I know), I took an absolutely amazing drive down to Geneseo via East River Road. The weather was unbelievable... I just love driving through the country on days like this! It's very hilly down there, too, so the vistas were quite breathtaking. Anyway, I know I complain about how remote Rochester is, but I am utterly enchanted by the fact that you can drive a short distance from the city and hit open farmland, quaint Americana-saturated Main Streets, and lakes dotted with summer cottages and wineries.

What else is new? I have a new phone, which I am pretty much in love with (although I was upset that they didn't offer it in lime green, like the older version... I bought it in a browny-red though, which looks pretty sexy anyway). Oh, and I was promoted at work... which I know sounds a little counterproductive considering I'm actively seeking employment elsewhere, but a) it will provide me with (a little) more money in the meantime, and b) it'll look good on my resume.

Right, time to join the masses and continue with Harry. How bittersweet, to know this is the last one! I kind of want to take my time with it, but it's so bewitching that I'm gobbling it rather quickly. Probably not a bad thing, as I am dodging spoilers left and right!

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