Friday, March 13, 2009

loosen my lips

I've been meaning to write - truly I have - but as soon as I stand on the edge of that precipice I find myself at a loss for words. How does one catch up after 2 years away?

Well I'm not even going to bother recapping what's happened since my trip to Montreal all that time ago. Most of it was spent in a relationship that didn't quite work out, and nothing pivotal happened apart from that.

So now what?

Twitter has reconfirmed my hunch that I have thoughts I'm eager to share. I've been trying not to be too terribly mundane, but it serves as a daily reminder that I should do and/or learn something worth tweeting. Plus, I can't help but have my fangirlish head 'asplode when I see Stephen Fry, John Hodgman, Bill Corbett, and Neil Gaiman all tweeting away at each other.

I re-read these clockworkbird entries while doing laundry at my parents' house this afternoon and it made me slightly sad that I hadn't chronicled the past year and a half. I have a horrifically spotty memory, so I need things like blogs to remind me what the heck I was thinking.

Anyhoodle (should I be impressed or concerned that my MacBook does not spellcheck the word "anyhoodle"??), non sum qualis eram. Things can only get better.

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