Monday, March 23, 2009

in the dead of night on the autobahn with the long ago on the radio

I have found myself mired in a rather formidable rut so far this year, and when that happens my first instinct is to run. However, as I'm finding it more and more difficult to justify pulling up stakes, my new outlet is to plan vacations that I may or may not actually take once I've finally saved up the money (ha).

Anyway, today at work I mapped out two rather extravagant and hopelessly foot-tickling possible holidays.

Trip #1: Split, Budapest, Vienna, Prague
Trip #2: South of France, Barcelona, Morocco

Either would have to be about 10 days long with travel, I think, and therefore would involve expense that--while not bank-breaking--would not be negligible. I am almost 30 and a professional and therefore feel well past the point in my life where I am willing to stay at a hostel. So save away I must, I know not for how long.

I am leaning a bit more towards Trip #1, as it would certainly be less expensive and the distances between all points (other than to Split) are only a few hours by train. I might be overstretching things with Trip #2 anyway, as it's a pretty hefty trek from Barcelona to Morocco (and not one that's logistically pretty).

Anyway, puttering around researching airfares and activities is what's keeping me somewhat sane at the moment. Although who knows what might happen - I could spend all that time saving up for the trip, only to spend it on another flight of fancy.


Oh and also I think it's kind of funnybutmaybealittleirritating that people at work are HORRIFIED that I'm planning on taking this trip alone. Honestly, though, I am way too a) impulsive, b) cranky when hungry/tired/overstretched, and c) self-absorbed to do 10 days anywhere with anyone. I'll probably see if my friends on the other side of the ocean want to come play for the weekend wherever I may be, but I have taken quite a few trips on my own and I don't mind admitting that I relish the freedom and lightness of it. I mean, not to get all Moleskine about it, but there's a reason why people travel when they want to sort out their heads.

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Jed said...

Do you really want to go as far as Split and miss Dubrovnik? Dubrovnik is prettier than Split.