Monday, March 12, 2007

c'mon mood shift, shift back to good again

A quick, bullet-point update since I haven't updated in about a month.

*J, I apologize for being so previously lukewarm about Of Montreal. I listened to 'Hissing Fauna Are You The Destroyer' quite a bit this weekend and love it. LOVE it. You were right and I was very wrong.

*Come the end of the month, I'm heading to a cabin in Central New York with MB, his girlfriend, and approximately 13 assorted strangers and acquaintances from NYC and Rochester. I'm excited. I haven't been out in anything resembling 'the wilderness' in ages. That said, there is a woodpecker hammering away somewhere outside right now. I can hear him but can't see what tree he's in.

*I would like to visit Belgium in the next year. Brussels in particular. I bet I could easily convince K to join me. Maybe spend a few days there, then take a train down to the south of France. I could use a vacation.

*Speaking of cabins and wilderness, I've been watching 'Twin Peaks' over the past few days (I just finished Season 1). Why was I so into this show? Some of the writing (particularly the scenes with Agent Cooper) is absolutely fantastic, but for the most part the show is not as mind-blowing and awesome as I had remembered. Then again, I remember Season 2 being completely different from Season 1, so maybe I should hold my tongue for now.

*In more TV news, I am less than impressed with the recent episodes of 'Lost'. To begin with... most.useless.flashbacks.EVER. Number one, no one cares about Jack's tattoos. Seriously. Calling that one of "Lost's biggest mysteries" in the promos was absurd. Number two, so Cheech is Hurley's dad. Big deal. The least that flashback could have done is let us in on some new info about the Numbers, instead of hammering home 'the numbers are cursed!' schtick. Number three, en-ough about Sayid's past as a torturer. We get it. He has skeletons. Move on! Anyway, on top of the useless flashbacks, nothing even HAPPENED in any of the post-break episodes except this last one (which was vaguely interesting only until we found out that Patches wasn't a Dharma remnant). Kate and Sawyer whined at each other, Hurley pointlessly fixed a hippie bus, and Sawyer lost his stash at ping pong. Yawn. Remember when this show was intriguing? What with the hatches and the revealing flashbacks and the Others and the smoke monster and the whispers and the visions? Now we have painful inaction on top of having to endure the useless twins Nikki and Paolo. Yar.

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