Saturday, November 25, 2006

the consumer is king and unhappiness is treason

Remember in my last post when I mentioned that, were the day to come when I purchased a new computer, it would be a PC notebook? Well, that day came and passed this week and I found myself scooting to the Apple store to adopt an adorable little MacBook instead. Two-fingered scrolling... how did I live without it? The iSight kind of unnerves me a little, though. It feels a little HAL-like. So I'm currently all wireless and delighted, sitting at Spot and enjoying a grilled cheese focaccia and a surprisingly not nasty apple-cinnamon café au lait (they messed up my order, in which I asked for a café au lait and an apple-cinnamon Italian soda. Oh well). I had a fairly productive Christmas shopping excursion to Parkleigh after having my eyebrows plucked half-to-death at Scott Miller.

It's a gorgeous day here. High 50s, sharp sunlight, just a few wispy clouds. I think I'll spend the rest of the day Christmas shopping, or more likely tearing my hair out wondering what to give my father.

Right, well 12.30 so I really should get on with it all. I'm off to one of my mother's favorite boutiques to see if I can check her off my list.

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