Monday, October 02, 2006

i was drunk on the streets of chicago for 14 days on end

I've decided to stop drinking for a year.

This is primarily because I find myself shelling out $30 for the privilege of feeling like death-on-a-stick the next day and accomplishing absolutely nothing. As an added bonus, this weekend it resulted in yet another bout of nasty tonsillitis. So now I think I will limit myself to the odd glass of vino with dinner. Drinking any more than that just isn't worth losing a day or more in recovery. I might still go out once in a while, but I suppose I'll just offer myself up as the designated driver.

I have tried every hangover cure and preventative measure under the sun. And it's not even that I'm drinking that much and/or often... my body is just unwilling to accept anything more than the most limited consumption. Bummer.

Anyway, despite my aforementioned craptacular state of health, I will go out to eat sushi with my childhood friend M tomorrow night and hopefully not spread the germitude to her. Wednesday I think G is coming over to watch the season premiere of 'Lost' (so excited! I can't wait to see what this season is going to be like).

Tonight, though, I am simply going to ignore the fact that my room is a mess and snuggle up in bed with my mug of TheraFlu. I'm debating whether I am in a state to start The Sea by John Banville (unlikely), flip through the new issue of 'InStyle' (more likely), or watch a few more episodes of 'Jeeves and Wooster' (extremely likely).


Jed said...

The Sea is great, but dense, dense, dense. We'll see what you think. Did I tell you I finished Breakfast on Pluto? Loved it.

C. said...

I'm glad! I thought you might :)