Monday, February 05, 2007

chili's is the new golf course. it's where business happens.

Friday night, after a co-worker's birthday dinner at Don Pablo's (the pseudo-Mexican Chili's...), I met up with MB along with his girlfriend and KZ at Clover Lanes for a few rounds of bowling. Considering I hadn't slipped into community shoes since the days when I had a perm and a hot date was holding hands while couples-skating, I didn't fare too poorly. I managed 3 strikes in the second game, but didn't break 100.

A few things:
1. For a Friday night at 11pm, I was impressed to see how many 20-somethings were there. Granted, beer is served, but still.
2. The alley itself was pretty standard as far as they go, although I noticed that they have WiFi access and serve chai. Am I alone in thinking there is something wrong with that?
3. I finally had context and opportunity to relay all the little tidbits I've learned about the history of bowling in the USA.

Sunday morning I zipped along a snow-swept Route 20 to Syracuse, to join C in his neck of the woods for a delightful Mexican brunch. Sweet potato fries? Yes, please! I had an enormous breakfast burrito and a delicious, freshly-squeezed (albeit a little pricey) Mimosa while chatting about books. Delicious. I'm always taken, by the way, at the realization of just how rural the areas between Rochester and Syracuse can be. Having never been to the Midwest, I can only imagine that it's very much like western New York state with stronger accents and fewer hills.

In other news, it's cold. I am already snuggled up with my wine, and all I've left to decide is whom I shall invite to bed: P.G. Wodehouse or Daniel Day Lewis.

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