Tuesday, July 18, 2006

finding not keeping's the lesson

I don't think I'd be so frustrated with this job search if I was looking to start a very specific career; after all, that is limiting and difficult. But right now... I'm just looking for anything I wouldn't mind doing for a year. There is nothing. A friend of mine in Syracuse is in the exact same position... grad school in '07, no work to be found in the meantime.

Dear Upstate New York,
This is why there is a mass exodus of educated 20-somethings. Sort it out.
C x

Half of my worries will be over once someone decides to hire me. Then comes the ever-so-delightful process of convincing grad schools to not only a) accept me into their worringly selective programs, but also b) give me money. In the interest of bet hedging, I've decided to add the University of Texas - Austin to my list. Good program, excellent city. The difficulty this time around is that there are really only 20 or so schools in the entire country that offer an M.A. in Historic Preservation, and I'm not particularly interested in most of them. I still have my heart set on Cornell, but I certainly would not cry if I had to opt for Columbia or Austin.

I picked up a study book for the GREs yesterday, too. I thought I was sooo smart wiggling my way out of them last time. Hmph. Oh the verbal section is no problem but that, my dears, is only half the test. Then... there is math.

I'm not going to go all Barbie on you and complain that math is hard; I did well in math in high school (I even pulled a 4 on the AP Calculus exam, so there!). Yes, I am a little concerned that it has been nearly a decade since I've even thought about algebra and geometry, etc., but that's not even what bothers me. The thing I can't stand about the math section of standardized tests is that it is invariably where they will try to screw you over with trick questions. For example, they'll ask you the value of x in the equation 2x²=32. "Ok," you think, "32 divided by 2 is 16, and the square root of 16 is 4. So x must be 4." WRONG. The value of x is 4 AND -4. Bastards. That is precisely the kind of question that misleads you into thinking that you rocked out the test, only to get your results and find out your combined score is 1100 because you bombed math.

In other news, it's been glamorama around here lately. Velvet Goldmine was on IFC the other day (I will see your Jake and Heath, and raise you Jonathan and Ewan), which I was obsessed with back in the day but haven't seen in years. The movie itself isn't great, but the reasons I love it include:

1. Jonathan Rhys Meyers. God help me, the man is beautiful. Even with an electric blue mullet.
2. Christian Bale and Ewan McGregor are nothing to cough at, either.
3. Hooray Eddie Izzard!
4. The soundtrack. Supergroups? Yes, please! Venus in Furs (Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood, Bernard Butler) covering Roxy Music is the highlight.
5. Oh the glam! It almost makes me want to run out and buy purple sateen breeches and platform boots. Almost.

On top of that, I'm currently reading Breakfast On Pluto. I've actually had the movie sitting here at home for ages, but I'd like to finish the book before I watch it. I love Patrick McCabe. If you haven't read The Butcher Boy, I'd strongly recommend it.

Jens Sunday! Yay!

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